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A Poem

There's a yellow thing
on the tree.
It makes buzz buzz.
It is a bee.

It's not only yellow,
it's black, too.
But be careful,
it can sting you.

If it stings you
in the thumb,
then the thumb
is thick.
That's why I don't like bees
who buzz in the trees.

If you like bees,
I don't know why,
maybe because
they can fly.

(Sebastian Demuth, 5d)


Blue water
Lots of water
Can't swim.
- Help!

(Alexander Eckert, 5d)

A Poem

There is a mouse,
it goes about my house.
I see the mouse,
and I kick it out of the house.
It isn't a nice mouse,
and not in my house.

(Jonathan Fries, 5d)

A Poem

When I see the mouse,
running about my house,
then I cry and shout,
and I kick it out.

(Jonas Hennekes, 5d)

A Poem

I'm sitting on a tree,
looking at a bee.
I'm dreaming of the honey
she gives me for money,
but the price for the honey
isn't very funny,
so I buy an ice,
because this price is nice.

(Marcel Nickel, 5d)

A Poem

I'm a little bee,
sitting in a tree.
My name is Boo.
And who are you?
I'm a little boy,
playing with my toy.
My name is Tom.
And where are you from?

(Tiago Pereira, 5d)

Poem One

Two mice
They are small
I see them now -

Poem Two

This little mouse
lives in the house.
It comes to me
behind the tree.
It starts to scream,
and now I see,
it likes my icecream
and not me!

Poem Three

When I come from school
I jump into our swimming-pool.
This is cool.
I like it very much -

(Jens Thinnes, 5d)

We Can't Shake Hands

Hatred is what I feel when
I go to you and when I spend
Whole day, whole night quite near to you
And later wish I hadn't to.

I really love you, I am sure:
When everybody is on tour,
When noone seems to like me, too,
The only friend I have are you.

You get me dulled and make me sick,
You make me angry when I pick
A fight with you 'bout my commands
You just ignored; we can't shake hands.

When we two are close together,
Time weighs easy as a feather.
It passes by in its quick flow,
I've so much fun, you cannot know.

Oh, forgive me when I'm ruder,
For you are my computer.

(Matthias Hanauer)

A Dream as Stupid as Usual

I remember, that I dreamt I could fly
on a nice day with a beautiful sky.
And while I was gliding around I heard
sweet sounds almost like chirping from a bird.
During the flight I turned around my skull
and indeed there was joining me a gull.
It had no fear and flew straight at my side
and to my surprise she asked: "You´re alright?"
I was confused and nodded with my head
but then I woke up lying in my bed.


Three-Oh-One on a Thursday Morning

The yellow little helper at hand,
Three inches of knowledge and wealth,
The half-empty bottle of Coke to my right,
A short glance at my watch
As time is ticking away,
I am sitting here, searching for words.

Yesterday´s work all forgotten,
My brain obscured by clouds,
As if boarded up by planks,
An increasing ache in my head,
Perspiration irresistably entering my nose,
I keep on sitting here, hoping for words.

Although and Therefore, On the one hand and On the other,
They are all here In my opinion, yet like transition markers alone.
Just a childish skeleton on white paper,
Another piece for the pile of rubbish on the carpet.
Of course your friendly smile wouldn´t help,
I am still sitting here, waiting for content ...


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