Plurals Exercise

This is a test for students of English as a second language on the correct use of plural forms. Think hard before clicking the right answer from the pulldown menu. Off you go!

regular or irregular plurals from these singulars?

Chinese ox
woman life
chief furniture
child tomato
kilo sheep
salmon aircraft
era leaf
deer tragedy
roof foot
persona thief
series stimulus
mouthful formula
bureau bus
point of view crisis
species wife
bush scarf
album tooth
mouse watch
goose man
family simile
half penny
crossroads analysis
nucleus chorus
medium means
boy lifebuoy
mother-in-law Frenchwoman
bacterium criterion
buffalo party
photo roof
the Chinese the Swiss
homework safe
echo louse
dwarf kindergarten
trout museum
basis synthesis
gymnasium calf
appendix phenomenon
radius encyclopaedia
genius hypothesis
box journey
chateau loaf of bread
slice proof
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